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The robot equipment for resistance spot welding guns (servo-pneumatic & servo-electric) and grippers in the automotive production lines of the body shop held a supremacy, because of the industry until a few years ago body styles. However, due to the steadily increasing variability in materials and materials used in recent years, the type and number of different joining techniques in body construction has grown rapidly. 

Becker Robotic Equipment, supplies supply lines for robot tools and stationary tools for hollow punch riveting, flow-hole screws, and friction element welding. Applications such as, clinching and stud welding have been consistently sought after.

In addition, there are other special applications in body construction, such as the various laser applications and gluing with one or two dosing units on the robot. For both laser and adhesive applications on the robot, we have now developed a complete solution as a modular pallet for a wide variety of systems. 

A special position is occupied by the equipment of the laser welding guns. These tools can do without the usual cell shielding for laser applications. The energy transfer to the tool is also realized via an optical cable, the LLK.

In the past, apart from direct body shop, other applications have been added, such as sealing with UBS, GAD, FAD and sills as the first production stage in the paint shop, as well as various other special applications in car washes and in the foundry. Becker has already implemented applications with cleaning fluid such as sword brush applications on different robots for several customers.

Plasma spraying is also becoming more important. Due to the ever-changing requirements of the various new and constantly new special applications, we are constantly developing new concepts and components to ensure reliable supply and guidance via the robot for any new systems.

As part of special projects of production lines for unusual products or vehicles, special concepts and strategies for the modular design of robotic cable management systems are usually developed together with the end customer. The robot lines for supplying the often, many different tools that are usually changed using the usual docking systems are sometimes used in such cases as ‘’combi’’ cables for various joining systems and tools. 

It is our passion to tackle any problem of routing any robotic systems and developing, designing, and implementing appropriate solutions. Also individual and customized solutions.


Precisely planned from the beginning.

The first steps are always digital. Solutions are planned in 3D, mounted on the virtual robot models, and thoroughly tested for efficiency and functionality. The resulting models can be scaled to virtual production lines and the necessary simulations performed.


Reliable technology still requires skilled craftsmanship.

Our employees assemble every product with the utmost care and meticulousness. Many of them have been jointly responsible for the success of Becker Robotic Equipment, since the company was founded.


Precise testing under real conditions.

Of course, thorough testing of the components is an integral part of our production process. Specially designed test benches support quality assurance and later perfect function in the line. The test benches are also used as fault analysis devices by our customers.

Service & Installation

On site or in our state of the art facilities.

In order to ensure optimum functionality and the lowest possible wear of the solutions. We carry out the initial assembly, assist with the optimization, and conclude with the Final Check. Regular maintenance and the timely delivery of spare parts are also part of the overall project support over the life cycle.

Industry leading robot equipment

For the reliable routing and supply of all tools and systems on the robot.

For more than 25 years, we have dealt with the subject of robot tool supply on a daily basis, whereby the production reliability as well as the longevity of the components and guide elements on the robot are top priority.

It is true that we are mainly known in the automotive industry, but we have also implemented solutions in many other industries, such as: the food industry, cosmetics production, and in the production of wind energy plants. 

These two product groups are still the most important divisions of our product portfolio. The equipment of robots in special areas such as PVC application lines, adhesive systems, and laser tooling have gained in momentum in recent years.

Initially, we only supplied VW in Wolfsburg. Over the years, our customer base has expanded in the automotive sector. Today we supply all car manufacturers - worldwide. There are also first-tier suppliers, line builders, and robot manufacturers who respect the Becker brand.

Our product range for robot tool supply is divided into two divisions:

  • Tool supply lines and wiring guides on the robot
  • HIPs and RIPs for supplying air, cooling water and signals for (robotic) tools.


Highest quality since 1993

Becker was founded at the end of 1993 by the present Managing Partner with the aim of supplying accessories to automated production lines in the automotive industry. Since then, the robotic equipment products in the production lines have been constantly evolving and the product range has been steadily expanding.

Even today, the global automotive industry is by far the largest sales market. In addition, there are projects in the fields of solar, wind energy, shipbuilding, and cosmetics. 

Today, Becker develops and delivers the right energy supply systems for every tool on any robot. Also, including appropriate media supply plates. It covers applications such as welding, gripping, screwing, punching riveting, clinching (cold joining techniques), folding, friction element welding, gluing, PVC sealing applications, laser applications, etc.

The products are delivered worldwide today to OEMs, first-tier suppliers, robot manufacturers, and line builders. Becker Robotic Equipment is still a family-run company, but with a worldwide scope of action, with the passion for innovation.

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