Products for Energy Supply Systems- Spare Parts

Products for Energy Supply Systems

Brackets, Accessories, and Equipment for Cable Testing

We provide all required individual parts and special accessories for a variety of complete solutions:

  • Steel fasteners for all types of robots as a substructure for the guidance support parts.
  • Hose connection parts such as hose nozzles, plug-in connections, etc.
  • Plug-in connections for all common cables.
  • Special accessories such as heat protection and additional wear protection.

Support parts and corrugated tube guides.

Steel parts and adapter plates for every robot type.

PUR fabric hoses and fittings.

Robot-compatible corrugated tubes in various nominal widths.

Devices for cable testing – ‘’Test Wagon’’


Our testing equipment is tailor made according to your system requirements. Open circuits, short circuits, interference, and inconsistent wiring are found with just a few mouse clicks. Invest in your productivity and reduce your downtime to a minimum.

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